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"Life Empowers" is written in chalk on the sidewalk. In between the words, is a fetus with an umbilical cord.

A heart is drawn on the sidewalk in chalk. Inside the heart, "Life" is written in white. The drawing was defaced with "My Body My Choice."

A paste-up on a metal box portrays a fetus in the womb. "Quem ama não!" is written next to the fetus.

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"Abortion is Forever Adoption is for Life" is written on the sidewalk in different colored chalk. Next to the phrase are blue, red, orange, and yellow flowers.

"Pro-Choice is Pro-Life" is written on wooden church doors in yellow and gold spray paint.

A stencil portrays "Pro-Life" with a fetus. The stencil was amended by a Pro-Choice supporter on College Square North in Belfast. The amended graffiti portrays "Life" crossed out and the fetus has a speech bubble with "Choice." Underneath the…

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A mural reads "Every 21 minutes, our next possible leader is aborted." "Our next possible" is painted in blue, and "is aborted" is painted in red. To the right of the mural, is the profile of Barack Obama.

"Stay Out of Our Uterus" is painted on a pro-life billboard. The billboard reads "heartbeat 18 days from conception."

"Hear the little heartbeat? Should I kill it? See the forming image KILL IT" is painted on the ground in black. Next to the writing is a fetus.

"Pro Life" is written on the pavement in white. "Life" is crossed out and "Not You Body? No Say!" is painted next to it.
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