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A heart is drawn on the sidewalk in chalk. Inside the heart, "Life" is written in white. The drawing was defaced with "My Body My Choice."

"Pro-Choice is Pro-Life" is written on wooden church doors in yellow and gold spray paint.

A stencil portrays "Pro-Life" with a fetus. The stencil was amended by a Pro-Choice supporter on College Square North in Belfast. The amended graffiti portrays "Life" crossed out and the fetus has a speech bubble with "Choice." Underneath the…

A white square spray-painted on a wall reads "Abort the Court." The "A" in "Abort" is the anarchist symbol. At the bottom of the square is red paint that drips onto the sidewalk.

Screenshot 2022-11-23 135938.png
A wheat-pasting portrays a nude female with long blonde hair. She covers one of her breasts with her hand. In front of the female "My Body My Choice" is written.

Plastic on a fence reads "Jesus was Pro-Choice" in black paint.

Screenshot 2022-11-23 134625.png
A mural portrays a face with a mustache and beard. The eyes of the face are two green creatures with white beaks and legs. "Aborto Legal" is written in white over the face. "Aborto Legal" translates to "Legalize Abortion."

Six different colored posters are glued on a wall of a building. The first poster is orange. It reads "We Won't Stop" across the whole poster. A hand holds a sign that reads "Abortion Pills." The second poster is purple. It reads "I Will Aid and Abet…

A poster on the side of a building reads "Aid and Abet Abortion." At the bottom of the poster is the link ""

Screenshot 2022-11-04 132948.png
A red poster reads "Abortion is My Bloody Choice." "Bloody Choice" is written in a typeface that portrays a dripping effect.
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